Interview with Izzy Broomfield on Public Service in Appalachia – Epistemic Unruliness 3

John talks with Izzy Broomfield – currently serving with Americorps VISTA in Eastern Kentucky – about place and about putting the ‘community’ in community service. Having met in Las Vegas this past spring (listen to the episode to hear how), Izzy and John talk through Izzy’s Kentucky background and current work in Hazard, Kentucky. In the course of doing so, the discussion engages the importance of place and lived experience, bell hooks, the need for inventiveness and listening in public service, and more. They end by addressing and trying to deconstruct the pesky theory/practice divide.

Be sure to check out Izzy’s vlog about their work!


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Izzy Broomfield

Izzy Broomfield


Hazard, Kentucky

Mountains, mist, and community in Hazard, Kentucky (photo by Izzy)

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