Always Already Announcements!: New Co-Host and Schedule Changes

Dearest Listeners and Friends, we have some news to announce.

First of all, give a hearty welcome to our newest co-host, James Padilioni, Jr.! You know him from his guest co-hosting gig and podcast interview (and his short bio at the end of this post), and now you know him as the newest co-host of the Always Already Podcast as he officially becomes part of the team (although of course he was always already part of the team). We are absolutely thrilled that James is joining us.


Second of all, we’re going to be instituting some changes to the episode format and schedule.  The text discussion episodes you’ve come to know and love will stay the same, but will be released every 3 weeks. In between these episodes will be a BRAND NEW series/format of episodes, which James will be leading. These episodes, tentatively dubbed Epistemic Unruliness (we are open to suggestions!) will feature regular interviews with activists, artists, scholars, scholar-activist, poet-scholars, and the like. We’ve got plenty of ideas for these, but if you’d to suggest any person/people/organization/project, drop us a line. These episodes will come out regularly, on a schedule in between the text discussion episodes.

James will also be joining us for text discussion episodes whenever he has the chance to be in NYC.

The next text discussion episode will be out next week – on Frank B. Wilderson III’s Red, White, and Black – and the first Epistemic Unruliness/other-ly named episode will be out the subsequent week.

James Padilioni, Jr. is a 4th year PhD student in American Studies and teaching fellow at the College of William and Mary. His research interests include the religious and aesthetic practices of the African Diaspora, with a focus on Black musics, performance, and Catholicism in Afro-Latino and African-American contexts, as well as the politics of self-making and the ethnogenesis of Blackness. His dissertation project will be part ethnography, part history, and part critical race theory,  and will focus upon the fractal manifestations of the cult of St. Martin de Porres – the first saint from the Americas of African descent –  in disjunct contexts throughout the Caribbean, North and South America. In his “spare” time, he can usually be found reading, reading, preparing syllabi, reading, or, when unburdened by a schedule, playing the piano, binging Netflix, or looking for shooting stars in his backyard.

Our new co-host, Emily Crandall!

Dedicated Listeners, welcome our friend, colleague, and new Always Already co-host, Emily Crandall!emilycrandalAAP

Emily Crandall is a PhD student and Enhanced Chancellor’s Fellow in the department of Political Science at the CUNY Graduate Center, with a certificate in Women’s Studies. She holds a BA in Political Theory from UC San Diego. Her proposed dissertation (tentatively titled, “Imagined Futures: the Discursive Limits of Positivism and Rationality”) analyzes the discourse of the climate change denier through the lens of feminist epistemology and science studies as a means to interrogate the extent to which deniers and skeptics may in fact exist within the same ideological realm, or be constrained by the same philosophical tradition, as that of non-deniers. Emily was recently selected to participate in the upcoming (summer 2015) NEH Institute, “Development Ethics and Global Justice: Gender, Economics, Environment” at Michigan State University. In her spare time she enjoys napping and lecturing strangers about sexism.

You may remember Emily from her guest co-hosting on the Laclau episode (and b-side), and she will now be a full-time host along with Rachel, B, and John. Most episodes will be a rotating cast of three co-hosts from the four of us – and this should facilitate a more regular recording schedule with the added flexibility.

Look forward to Emily’s brilliance coming at you in her first episode later this week, on Maurice Merleau-Ponty.