Interview with The Illuminator on collective political art and the commons – Epistemic Unruliness 1

We inaugurate our Epistemic Unruliness series in this episode with a conversation with Kyle DePew and Rachel Brown (not our Rachel!) of the collective political art project known as The Illuminator. James, Kyle, and Rachel discuss the group’s genesis during Occupy Wall Street, their light projection activism around NYC, run-ins with the NYPD, and ways of reclaiming the commons in physical and digital space. And, James explains the genealogy of our name and why we think it’s important to be unruly.

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Illuminator Police State







Interview: Abbas Jaffer on Digital Publics, Affect, and Contemporary Music in Pakistan

John interviews Abbas Jaffer, Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology at Harvard University on his dissertation project, New Tracks: Digital Publics and Contemporary Music in Pakistan. They talk about how interactions around music and digital media generate publics in Pakistan, how to conceptualize affect and digital affect, the complicated political effects of music production and these digital publics, cyberethnography, the relationship between methodology, theory, and ethics, and more.