Ep. 30 – Akira Mizuta Lippit, Atomic Light (Shadow Optics)

Join Emily, Rachel, and B as they discuss ‘truth’ and the visible, psychoanalysis, and cinematic theory from Atomic Light (Shadow Optics) by Akira Mizuta Lippit. Taking Derrida’s book Archive Fever as the point of departure, Lippit asks us to consider cultural memory, legibility, and the process of discerning what is visible and what is not. In our discussion, we attempt to unpack the concept of the “shadow archive,” and respond to some questions from listener Matthew regarding what is potentially generative from this book outside the realm of film theory. We talk politics of the in/unvisible, of the avisual, and of our drastically differing feelings for the horror film genre. This episode also includes an advice question about Zizek (with a side of potential copyright infringement), and a One or Several Wolves brainstorm session analyzing (making up*) the meaning of a dream about a floor.

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