Episode 0: Introduction and Prelude

In this prelude to the Always Already Podcast, John gives an introduction to the show and we provide a sneak preview of our interview with Susan Buck-Morss.

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Coming soon and stay tuned…

The Always Already Podcast will bring you discussions of critical theory and political theory and social theory texts, interviews with all different kinds of theorists, and will answer advice questions (occasionally in the guise of long-deceased theorists!), all starting the week of May 19 (we hope). Check back in for more information about the show, links to our iTunes feed, and the like. It will be fun, and we think interesting, and we hope informative.

In the meantime, find out more about your lovely hosts, check out the schedule of texts we’ll be reading and discussing on the show, or contact us with¬†advice questions of all sorts you want us to answer on the show, suggestions for readings and guests, etc.

Theoretically Yours,
B, Rachel, and John