Interview with Emily Martinez and Liat Berdugo on art, neoliberal subjectivity, and the sharing economy – Epistemic Unruliness 4

On this episode, James talks with Liat Berdugo and Emily Martinez, a duo of activists-artists from California currently working on the Making You, Making Others project. The conversation covers the sharing economy – what is it and how it reveals the anxious substratum of neoliberal subjectivity. We also discuss the neoliberal problem of approaching one’s life as an entrepreneurial venture that one “makes”, as well as how art can provide a venue for the construction of alternative subjectivities and momentarily undo normal perception to give a glimpse of other possible realities. This was a fun one!

Visit their project’s website here; view the first video from their project here. Find Emily and Liat online at Emily’s website; Liat’s website; Emily’s twitter, and Liat’s twitter.

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