Interview: Richael Faithful on Black folk occultism and Black power – Epistemic Unruliness 11

Join James as he interviews Richael Faithful, folk healer from Washington, DC, who views their work in shamanism as a love practice and love politic. The conversation places Richael within hoodoo/rootwork/conjure traditions – Black folk occultism – that emerged during the 19th century as a psycho-spiritual and material technology that helped enslaved African Americans conjure Black power in their long history of negotiation and resistance with racial oppression. Richael and James discuss how such practices continue to offer a politics of redress to colonized bodies while working at the same time to unsettle colonial logic: the categories and causality of secular White supremacist capitalist Western modernity. For Richael and many others working within the ontologies of African Diasporic religious traditions, healing and wellness is a holistic orientation that entangles one within a web of physical, psychic, energetic, and spiritual relations. What would happen if we began to talk about White privilege and institutionalized racism as ancestral karma requiring transmutation through a radical praxis of love? Take a listen and find out!

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